Who i am

Hi! I am La’Zoria Smith, and It is my heart’s desire to help transform the mindset of each teen and young mother I am graced to experience. I believe that being a mother which I could suggest is one of the greatest accomplishments in life, is not easy no matter what age.

At 14 years old I welcome my first child into the world, my son De’shune. I would tell you that it was the happiest day of my life but, it was not. I was just a child. I did not know how to be a mom. I can be honest in saying I barely knew what taking care of myself meant; and now here I am responsible for another human being. I was afraid. There was a lot that I did not know, so much more of my life I had not lived through, how could I possibly be someone’s mom?

What I soon realized was, there was no template customized on how a parent should be. You simply do the best you can and strive to make it happen for your family.

I was determined never to allow being a teenage mother define me. This like every other part of me, was only a piece of the puzzle to my life, but through diligence and perseverance I triumphed over the statistic label society wanted me to become.

Pregnancy Parenthood and Purpose was created to push teenage moms who are much like me, into purpose. Proving that no matter what you did to end up here, the power lies within you to keep on going.