About P3​

Pregnancy, Parenthood, and Purpose (P3) is a Community Organization specializing in young and teenage pregnancy. The purpose of P3 is to empower young and teen mothers that no matter where you presently are; there is still greater for you to accomplish.

We are built to enable these mothers to overcome the boundaries, stigmas, and limitations associated with teenage pregnancy and motherhood. P3 is committed to providing the fundamental tools, support, and resources necessary throughout the pregnancy and into motherhood

Our Community organization aims to provide opportunities for Emotional, Mental, Psychological, and Spiritual Development for teenage moms that may be struggling to cope with teen pregnancy and motherhood.


Pregnancy Parenthood and Purpose's mission is to create a safe space for growth, while providing fundamental tools, support and resources.


Pregnancy Parenthood And Purpose's vision is for each teen and young parent to flourish in all aspects of life.