Doula Support

Pregnancy Parenthood And Purpose provides continuity of care during all pregnancy experiences and outcomes through prenatal and postpartum visits.

Understanding the normal process and stages of pregnancy is the foundation to having your ideal pregnancy outcome, which is why our P3 Doula package is more than just labor support.

You will gain knowledge of what childbirth would look like for you to better prepare yourself mentally and physically for giving birth. We also discuss ways to bond with your baby after you have given birth and overcoming the obstacles parenthood can bring.


❃3 prenatal visits in the comfort of your home

❃Educational resources

❃Continued support during all pregnancy experiences and outcomes

❃Support via phone, text, and email

❃2 postpartum visits in the comfort of your home

❃Initial breastfeeding support, if desired

❃Support during prenatal appointments with your medical provider(s)

❃Virtual doula support

Child Birth Prep

Pregnancy Parenthood And Purpose offers FREE childbirth preparation classes which covers all topics related to birth, baby, and beyond that will help prepare you for birthing day.

All childbirth preparation classes are taught with your ideal birth experience in mind. Learn the organic process of labor & birth, how to nourish your baby with breastfeeding support, and ways to help promote self-care, all in the comfort of your home.

Childbirth Preparation class topics include:

❃Phases & Stages of Labor

❃When to Call Your Medical Provider

❃Medical Interventions

❃Postpartum Care

❃Newborn Care

❃Breastfeeding 101

❃Group classes

❃Virtual classes